January 2020

Also, speaking of Christmas, we (the club) had a really nice dinner over at the Generals Quarter's Restaurant back on December 7th.  Yes, I did run the Blue & Grey half-marathon the next morning and managed to take second place in my age group.  Also, much to our surprise, Brian and Cherie Gudmundssen provided each of us in attendance with these really cool skier Christmas ornaments (see photo).  They could easily sell those things on a site like Etsy for $15 a pop!  That was very much appreciated and I proudly displayed mine on my tree.


It is also getting close for our winter ski trips!  Only about a month or so before our first departures!  That Snowmass/Aspen trip is shaping up to be really nice.  I remember going there before and really loved it, so all of those going on that trip should be in for a good time.  Looking like conditions out there are going to be nice (much better than any conditions we have 

here).   The reason I am not going on that trip is because I am really getting excited for going to Japan, along with David Callahan and Jim Weinhart.  Kinda a little nervous as well as I've never have been on an overseas trip before.  Hard to believe that I am now 50 years old and I have never left North America in my life.  Thus, this Japan trip will be the first time I've ever been outside of North America.  I did take a quick look at the weather in Niseko and they do indeed have snow, so hopefully that should be some sweet skiing when I get there.

Here we are in 2020!  That just sounds so futuristic.  I remember being a kid back in the 80's and the thought of the year 2020 just seemed so far into the future.  Even year 2000 seemed so far, let alone 2020!  Now the future is the present!   Anyway, I am hoping that all of you had a good Christmas and New Years holiday.  I got to go up and visit my brother and father for Christmas and then went to Massanutten to both ski and even rode my bike (it was so warm that weekend!).  Speaking of which, Massanutten (and I imagine other ski areas in the immediate area) was hanging on with barely three runs opened.  I was just up there this past Saturday evening (Jan 4) and it was not looking good.  Thankfully we are now getting a bit of a cold period so hopefully some snowmaking can commence.  However, this upcoming weekend is again looking to be pretty warm and even rain.  I am still able to get some skiing in, but just barely.




Some questions have arose about the dates of the ski club meetings.  For the rest of this season, they will remain that third Wednesday of the month (the next one will be January 15th) at The Pub on Rt 3.   Perhaps for next season, we may consider exploring the possibility of alternating between two days every other month, currently thinking of the third Wednesday as currently is and another day.  I am personally thinking the third Thursday, but we can decide as a club what that other day would be.  We would start with the usual third Wednesday in September and then for November the other day, the January back to the Wednesday and so forth  (December is usually the Christmas party, so no regular meeting for that month).


Beyond that, I really don't have anything else in mind.  Just hoping that we at least get some decent skiing weather here before leaving for Japan (but, please, no major snowstorm on the weekend when I am actually departing for Japan, which will be 2/16).  Hope you all are enjoying (or trying to enjoy) the winter.

Your president
Steven Konopa

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